About the Authors

Sally Gosen Case is a freelance writer and occasional photographer. Her nonfiction and poetry have appeared in a variety of publications. She enjoys hiking, camping and fishing. She loves to be on the water and will paddle or row anything if she can get it to float. When she finds herself at home, she gardens, beads, or creates fiber art.

Austen M. Case is a freelance photographer and occasional writer. His hobbies and activities include hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, fishing, woodworking, and making his companions wait while he takes yet another photograph. For more of his work, please visit his photography page on Facebook here.

A note to our readers: We are both physically active and in good health. We encourage our readers to consult with their doctors before taking up any new activities.

Please be aware that all outdoor activities involve some level of risk. Our posts are based on our personal experiences, but they are informational only. Before heading out, we check the latest information for our destination. We take along maps and appropriate survival gear. Things can change quickly out there; it's Oregon, after all! Be prepared. Part of the fun of getting outdoors is coming back and sharing your stories.

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